Egg Basket

Maria's famous

four egg Omelettes

All of the following are served with home fries, toast & jam

Upgrade to peameal bacon or smoked meat or maple syrup sausage Add 1.75

The classic

3 eggs, home fries and toast 8.49


The original 3 eggs, choice of bacon, ham, sausage or beef salami, home fries & toast 9.99


The Sunrise

3 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 strips of bacon & sausage 13.29


The Sensation

3 eggs, choice of French toast or pancake topped with fresh berries,
almonds, 2 strips of bacon & a sausage 13.99


The Bluto

3 eggs, 2 strips of bacon, 2 slices of ham, peameal & a blueberry
pancake 13.79




3 eggs, French toast with bacon & sausage 13.29

Triple Play

3 eggs, 3 strips of bacon & 3 sausages 12.59

Eggs Under The Blanket

3 scrambled eggs topped with melted mix cheese with a choice of bacon, sausage, ham or beef salami 11.99

Breakfast Quesadilla

3 scrambled eggs, mix cheese, bacon or sausage, tomato & chives. Served with sour cream & salsa 12.99

Steak & Eggs

3 eggs, 6oz N.Y striploin, homefries & toast 16.29

Our Three Egg Skillet

All skillets are served with home fries & a blend of cheese. Served with your choice of eggs and toast or fresh fruit boat.


The Farmers meat board

Bacon, sausage, smoked meat, green pepper & onion 13.99

The Classic

Ham, green pepper, onion, two basted eggs and hollandaise sauce 13.29


The Reuben

Our incredible Montreal smoked meat, green pepper, sauerkraut, onion, Swiss cheese & a side of 1000 Island
sauce 14.29


The Great Canadian

Our famous peameal, tomato’s, green pepper & onion 13.99


Frankie Avalon

Seasoned & grilled 6oz steak strips, hot peppers, green pepper, onion, tomato & finished with green onion & a side of salsa 15.59


Vegetarian Tomato,
mushrooms, broccoli, green pepper & onion 13.49


Roast beef Skillet

Cooked in house & thin sliced roast beef, green pepper, onion, mozzarella & a side of our homemade garlic ranch 13.99

Taco Skillet Taco

beef, hot peppers, tomato, onion, green pepper & chives. Served with crispy tortilla chips, sour cream & salsa 14.99

All omelettes are served with home
fries and toast
Make it a wrap at no extra charge



Green peppers, ham, onion & mix cheese 12.49


Filled with fresh mushrooms, onion, green pepper, tomato, bacon, smoked meat & mix
cheese 12.89


Philly cheesesteak Omelette
Julienne steak, green pepper, mushroom, onion & a blend of 3 cheese 13.99



Filled with ham and onion 11.99

Fifty’s Omelette

Thick smoked meat slices, onion & Swiss cheese 12.59

Cheese Omelette

Cheddar & Monterey Jack cheese 11.59

Broccoli & Bacon

Broccoli bacon & a blend of melted cheese 12.49


A blend of bell peppers, pineapple, ham, onion, bacon & a blend of cheese 13.29

Greek omelette

Spinach, Feta cheese, tomato 12.49


Tomato, green peppers, onion & mushroom 11.99

Ham & cheese

Ham and the choice of Feta or mix cheese 11.99


The Original

Three fluffy pancakes served with syrup 9.59

Milk chocolate cakes & strawberries

Fluffy chocolate buttermilk cakes topped with fresh sliced strawberries, light drizzle of chocolate syrup & finished with icing sugar and whip cream 11.59

Banana Chocolate chip cakes
Buttermilk cakes piled high filled with chocolate chips topped with fresh sliced banana & finished with a drizzle of chocolate sauce & icing sugar 12.59

Fresh Berries & cakes

Fluffy pancakes with fresh strawberry slices,
blueberries finished with whip cream,
icing sugar & cinnamon 12.89


Peanut Butter, Banana & Roasted
Almonds pancakes

Stacked high and topped with fresh slices of banana,
roasted almonds and a light cover of
peanut butter 12.29


Banana Pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh banana slices, chocolate syrup & icing sugar 10.59

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Three fluffy pancakes filled with chocolate chips & a dusting of icing sugar 9.99

For children under 12
# 1 One egg, toast and home fries 7.29

# 2 One egg, bacon or sausage, toast and home fries 7.99

Cheese Omelette

Two eggs, mix cheese, toast and home fries 7.59

French Toast Served with table syrup 4.59

Banana French Toast

French toast topped with banana, drizzled chocolate syrup & icing sugar 6.29

Pancake Served with table syrup 4.59

Milk Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate buttermilk cakes filled with chocolate chips 5.99

Banana Pancake

Buttermilk pancake topped with fresh sliced banana 6.29

Fruit Loop Pancake

Buttermilk cakes filled with fruit loops 6.29

Banana Cakes

Fluffy buttermilk cakes topped with banana and chocolate syrup 6.29



Fifty's Kids

French Toast

Traditional French toast

3 slices of French loaf dipped in a cinnamon egg mix then grilled to golden brown & sprinkled with icing sugar 9.59

The French Connection

3 slices of French loaf filled with peanut butter & banana, topped with fresh berries &
finished with a dusting of icing sugar,
cinnamon & a drizzle of maple syrup 13.99


Banana & Walnut French toast –

3 pieces of French toast topped with banana
& walnut, drizzled with chocolate sauce
and a sprinkle of icing sugar 11.89

French a ‘la fruit

3 pieces of French loaf topped with a healthy serving of fresh strawberries and blueberries then finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon and icing sugar 12.29

Almond & Bacon French

3 pieces of French toast topped with chopped bacon & roasted almonds 11.59

French Toast & Banana

3 pieces of French loaf topped with banana slices &
chocolate syrup 11.89

All sandwiches are served with home fries

Cowboy Ham and onion 9.99
B.L.T 9.59

Egg Sandwich 2 scramble eggs, bacon & cheddar cheese
Bagel Sandwich 2 scrambled eggs topped with melted cheese, bacon or sausage 9.99

Toast, Bagels
Toast & jam 2.70
Bagel 2.70
English muffin 2.50
English muffin & cream cheese 3.99
Bagel & cream cheese 3.99
Bagel, cream cheese & fresh fruit cup 8.49

Toast, Bagels and Sandwiches

Ham, sausage or beef salami 3.99
Bacon, smoked meat or peameal bacon
Home fries 4.29
Extra Egg 1.50
Side tomato 1.99
Hollandaise sauce 2.49
Side French Toast OR Side Pancake